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This page will list the changes from the most recent version of Dragalia. For older versions, see the Archive.

Ver 1.10.0 Version Update (Jul 29, 2019)[编辑源代码]

Update Details

New Alliances Feature

  • The player will be able to form an alliance of up to 30 players and communicate with each other.
  • The player can either form a new alliance and become its leader or become a member of existing alliance by joining it.
  • When the player is part of an alliance, they can chat and play co-op with members of the same alliance.
  • The player can even send notifications to the devices of other members in their alliance when looking for other players for co-op.
    • Note: Each player can change their individual notification settings.
  • Each alliance can select one crest. There are a total of 33 crests to choose from.
  • Check the alliance screen once per day to get items that are useful for challenging quests.
  • For more information, please see the in-game Help section.

New Astral Raids Features

  • The player can now spend Template:Astral Piece astral pieces for multiple battles in a single go, allowing them to claim rewards for multiple raids in a single raid battle.
  • The types and amounts of items the player can obtain in Astral Raids are set for each boss and difficulty.
  • Because Astral Raids can generally be played every week, except when a raid event is active, this feature was added to reduce burden on players.
  • The player can now purchase astral pieces from the shop while Astral Raids are active.
  • If the player has insufficient astral pieces when attempting to challenge a quest, they can also purchase them at that time.

Changes to How Afflictions Work

  • The effects of certain afflictions adventurers apply to enemies have been adjusted.
    • Note: There will be no changes to the effects of afflictions adventurers receive from enemies.
  • With the exception of afflictions that prevent enemies from acting, it will be possible to stack multiple afflictions.
  • See the following chart for more information.
  • ○: Stacks
  • ×: Does not stack
Affliction Poison Burn Paralysis Blindness Bog Freeze Stun Sleep
Blindness ×
Bog ×
Freeze × × ×
Stun × × ×
Sleep × × ×
  • Additionally, for the poison, burn, paralysis, and blindness afflictions, the affliction chance for the second time onward when adventurers attempt to inflict the same affliction on the same enemy has been adjusted.
  • Enemies will now be more susceptible to becoming afflicted from the second time onward.

Adjustments to Data Download for Data Updates and When Viewing Story Segments

  • If additional data must be downloaded in a data update, the player will be able to select whether to include or exclude voices.
  • The player will also be able to select whether to include or exclude voices when viewing story segments, and the player will not be required to download data if they select "Exclude voices."
  • Note: Even if "Exclude voices" is selected during data updates, the data download confirmation screen will display upon login unless the Voices setting under Options is set to MUTE.

"New" Indicator for New Wyrmprints

  • When a new wyrmprint is added to the shop, the word "New" will display.
  • If "New" is displaying on the home page and the shop, it will disappear after you either visit the treasure trade for wyrmprints or when "New" is no longer displayed on the newly added wyrmprints in the treasure trade.
  • Additionally, the "New" indicator on the newly added wyrmprints in the treasure trade will cease to display after either 10 days have passed or the treasure trade for wyrmprints is updated.

Adjustments to the Home Screen Background

  • Fireflies have been added to the nighttime forest background on the Home screen. Additionally, shooting stars will sometimes appear.
  • Some of the Home screen backgrounds have received adjustments.

Other Changes

  • The player's solo or co-op selection will be preserved for each quest.
  • The Info screen for each dracolith placed in the castle grounds will now show values.
    • Example: "Bonus Dmg +X" → "Bonus Dmg +X%"
    • Note: This change only affects the notation. The effect itself will not change.
  • The time between when treasure chests appear on-screen after completing a quest and when they open automatically has been reduced.
  • It is easier to scroll through banners at the top of the Event Quests page due to an increase in the tap box size for the arrows.
  • The UI on some screens has been adjusted.
  • The illustration for Silver Fafnir has been adjusted.


Issue Regarding Afflictions

  • Certain afflictions do not take effect properly despite the visual effects of the affliction appearing.
  • [Addendum July 29, 2019 12:45 UTC] As a temporary measure, the affliction mechanic will be reverted back to that of 1.9.1 in the next data update scheduled to take place July 30, 2019 5:00 UTC.
  • Also, changes to afflictions have been postponed to a later update in order to fix this issue in version 1.10.0.

An Issue Regarding Mercurial Gauntlet

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed in this version:

  • The Dragon Haste co-ability from parties other than your own sometimes did not apply in raid battles.
  • In High Mercury's Trial, when targeted by Aqueous Prison while shapeshifting and caught by it after the shapeshifting ended, the adventurer moved to the location where shapeshifting ended.
  • In level 40 of The Mercurial Gauntlet (Wind) and The Mercurial Gauntlet (Flame), the final attack of dagger adventurers' normal attack combo did not hit.
  • In level 40 of The Mercurial Gauntlet (Wind) and The Mercurial Gauntlet (Flame), the upward jump attack of sword adventurers' normal attack combo did not hit.
  • The debuff icon did not display on the boss HP gauge when the adventurer 110299 01 r04.png Xuan Zang's Heaven's Binding skill was used in certain quests.
  • Leveling up the adventurer 110276 01 r04.png Fritz's Icon Skill 030.png Dazzling Show skill from 1 to 2 did not change the effect.

Archive[编辑 | 编辑源代码]

  • 2019-07-29 (Version: 1.10.0, Name: Version Update, Link)
  • 2019-07-09 (Version: 1.9.1, Name: Version Update, Link)